Innovative - Always one step ahead

Our work is a constant professional career.

We are forever developing models and construction technology, the daily improvement of details, the experimenting with sophisticated processes and selected materials, activity, the ensuring of customer satisfaction and the development of innovative and long lasting solutions is our driving motivation. This is how SILBER already produced the first wood and aluminium windows in 1967 and were the first to introduce windows with two seals and closed sealing chambers. Numerous patents underline the innovative skills of SILBER.

Closed Flush Butt Joints

The most striking feature of a SILBER product is the closed flush butt joints which demonstrates a consistent implementation of constructive wood protection. This kind of adhesive process protects the window from getting dirty and unwanted water seeping into the construction and makes SILBER doors and windows easy to care for. The closed flush butt joints are planed to fit 100%. And the life expectancy makes this huge effort all worth while.

Triple Layering

Further evidence that the uncompromising precision is the implementation of the Tricoat hinge fittings which distinguish themselves through their high corrosion durability also when fitted in constructions near the coast. Furthermore, the unbeatable load bearing capacity of 160kg, a self lubricating system for the first five years and the three dimensional adjustability, a gap ventilation of about 8mm at approx 45° of open olive handles secure a pleasant indoor atmosphere.