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La fenetre, La finestra, La ventana, das Fenster: 窗户——人类最具有智慧的发明之一。它为人类提供了光明和温暖,保障和安防,以及窗内外的视野。独特设计的窗门为工作和生活作出了宝贵的贡献,提供了独一无二的绝佳的氛围。这也是为什么位于奥地利上奥地利区斯米特巴赫的SILBER在过去的150多年始终坚持使用最精美的原材料打造最高品质的门窗产品。如今,我们向世界各地的客户提供高品质的门窗。我们对此感到非常自豪。


Design wood windows & wood aluminium windows from the noble manufactory



Silber: more than one window company



Silber windows

Nature Wood Window

Different types of wood are finished with individual craftsmanship with a thin layer of varnish or coat of paint. The result is a product with natural beauty in best SILBER quality.

Wood-Alu Windows

A classic appearance, a wealth of varieties and a ground-breaking heat insulation system mark this window out from the rest. Aluminium in connection with wood and that in proven quality.

Silber Passive

As a pioneer of energy efficient construction, SILBER Fensterbau GmbH took on the technical challanges early on and developed one of the first certified passive hom windows.

Silber Bronze

One of our featured options is the SILBER wood bronze window. On the one hand, it is characterized by the comfort and authenticity of a wooden window, and on the other hand, the bronze ensures durability and an unlimited life span.

Wood-Glass Windows

The revolutionary Avantgarde Stepped Glass Windows open up totally new possibilities for all those who place high demands on architectural aesthetic. SILBER Avantgarde is a real unicum in the field of window construction.

Design 80 Windows

The modern wood/aluminium window combines high-quality design with maximum energy efficiency, unbeatable security and exceptional comfort.

Unlimited 100 Windows

Each SILBER Unlimited 100 window combines the attention to detail with the experience of decades of development.

Silber Special Shapes

SILBER is the premium manufactory for design windows - we work to make your vision reality.

Silber Renovation

Efficient and effective with new windows: Use the window renovation from SILBER and give the old windows a new look.

SILBER air-lux

Consulting, Planning, Manufacturing, Processing

Air-lux is a floor-to-ceiling glass facade system with large-surface sliding windows and a unique sealing concept.

Materials & Technology