Silber Reconstruction

Personal tastes, house style, climate, security and safety – numerous factors determine the way and how a window is renovated. A more simple solution with all the advantages is provided by our renovation system for it is not necessary to remove the old window frames and cause any damage to the walls. The window casements and centre parts are simply removed and the new wooden window frame pushed in, mounted over the old frame and the aluminium part fitted on the outside – and there you have it – a new SILBER window!

SILBER Renolux



SILBER Fenatherm




  • Fast 快速
  • Clean 整洁
  • easy  简单
  • directly on-site 现场安装
  • available in any RAL colour 铝材可选任何颜色
  • maintenance-free 无需维护
  • saves heating costs 节省保暖费用



Whether you are renovating with Renolux or Fenatherm, the existing building will not be disturbed. This way, new windows will be made from old ones. Insulation values and lifespan increase enormously even through the individual style of the house is preserved. Save energy and protect the climate with minimal intervention with the renovation system from SILBER.


您的房子可以拥有一个全新靓丽的外观——  窗扇增加棂格可可以实现。扣板窗毋需维护,亦毋需重新喷漆。Fenatherm®系统可为常规窗和阳光房提供各种颜色以供选择。