Material & Technology for                  Entrance doors & Interior doors

The high-quality raw materials for SILBER design doors are mainly obtained from Austrian woods from sustainable forestry.  SILBER uses water-soluble coatings and oils on an environmentally friendly basis to refine the products.  The forward-looking process planning allows the perfect SILBER quality in every manufactured door and timely delivery to our customers.  Rely on your instincts and our experts when you buy your design door.


Ornamental glass

Types of wood

Wood colours

Silicone colours

Aluminium colours

Enamel colours


Handle bars & Rosettes for pull bars


Entrance door shapes


SILBER wooden and wood/aluminium entrance doors offer first class burglary protection as standard.

In all areas relating to security, such as large centrepieces, standard quadruple locking or particular cylinders, the highest quality variations are always used. SILBER Cycle and SILBER Plain entrance doors are of resistance class RC2, just as you want them to be.