True Values

Trends come and go. True values stay for ever.

A principle which is not just about the product but also about our company. Since SILBER was founded, the company has always put equal value on striving for innovation and honest craftsmanship to the highest standards. This is the only way to be up to date and at the same time fulfils the demands of the most diverse customers. And this is the only way to be able to look back at a history which began in Austria over 150 years ago! A history which, by the way, is now being written worldwide.


With a love for detail


Always one step ahead


As you like it

Life expectancy, load bearing capacity, aesthetics, workmanship – the demands of SILBER Windows Ltd are much higher than the norm in all areas.

Our work is a constant professional career. And the development of innovative and long lasting solutions is our driving motivation.

As the manufacturer of windows and doors it is only natural for SILBER that individual wishes are fulfilled and made order products are created for customers.

Silber Showroom in Mistelbach bei Wels
Silber Showroom in Mistelbach bei Wels