Silber Bronze

Do you want very exclusive windows?

A particularly sophisticated window for particularly sophisticated customers:  design-bronze-windows from the window manufacturer SILBER. Wood is the yin and bronze is the yang: warm atmosphere for indoors, high resistance for outdoors.  The circle closes in a harmonious way, when this window is able to display its beauty in exclusive construction objects over many generations.  Treat yourself with these special design-windows for a special living experience.


Bronze - the eternal construction material

The combination of wood an bronze makes for unlimited lifespan and an exclusive building culture. The impressive aesthetics of the Antico and Ramato ranges appeal to the imagination of every generation. Despite the natural surface, SILBER Bronze windows are very resistant, on the inside and the outside. Processing bronze requires precise craftsmanship. These windows are therefore a rarity.

Silber Bronze Antico

The weather-resistant outer part of the bronze windows guarantees it will function for eternity. The charming inner side of the window will enchant every room with a very special atmosphere.


The construction material bronze is one of the oldest materials known to mankind. SILBER combines bronze into windows and doors that impress with elegance, sturdiness, cosy atmosphere and low-maintenance value preservation - for customers who want to buy  exceptionally durable windows & doors. Pass your lifestyle on to the next generation - with exquisite wood bronze windows and wood bronze doors from SILBER.

Bronze Antico

Bronze Ramato