Natural Wooden Windows from the Manufactury Silber

The natural wooden window is one of the leading design windows manufactured by SILBER. SILBER combines natural beauty with high-quality raw materials and perfect wood preservation.  Multi-layered adhered wooden edges protect against warping.  Top quality insulation materials and profiles of up to 100mm are used to provide the highest level of warmth and sound absorption for SILBER design windows.

The same applies to SILBER’s natural wooden windows: there are no limits to individual execution.


SILBER Natural Wooden Windows

Constructing a window begins with the selection of the exquisite timbers and working carefully with them. The fully glued joints, the hidden drainage and the drip nozzle of the rain guard make for constructive wood protection. Each section is sorted per commission to guarantee a harmonious grain appearance on the floor and wings. With a profile thickness of up to 100 mm, you can achieve the highest level of insulation and soundproofing. Different types of wood are finished with individual craftmanship with a thin layer of varnish or coat of paint. The result is a product with natural beauty.

Types of wood:

fir, spruce, larch, oak, mahogany, robinia, amber and antique woods

Customised production includes the option to sort through wood yourself and to be involved in choosing the colour of the applied coating.  The wood joints with 3-way pivots ensure highest stability via 40% more adhered area.

Natural wooden - window door

SILBER window doors area available in any type of style, structural shape and material.  As single or double doors.  Lockable from the inside as well as from the outside, there is a pendant to every window.  Added balustrade glazing, protection against breaking and entering and optional perfect barrier-free balcony thresholds ensure the usual variety that goes like a red thread throughout the entire SILBER range.