Unlimited-100 Windows                             Wood & Wood/aluminium

This once ramshackle building is now a remarkable country home once more. During reconstruction an underground garage, a sauna, a swimming pool and a facade with marble banisters were installed. Thanks to the SILBER 2 winged 100 mm windows, this manor has been enhanced perfectly and it shines in all its former resplendence.

Premium windows in perfect functionality and ergonomics that meet the highest demands in architecture and design. Independent of the special solution required, SILBER aims towards and achieves what is feasible.

Our premium products create a highly individual living space. Due to their timeless nature and "functionality" they are culturally relevant and - via material and design - provide the house with a "soul" as a result of their sensuality.

Top selection of solid wood via the master carpenter's expertise, extreme diligence and selection criteria, perfect combination of materials.


Special sizes with the finest surfaces of wood, aluminium or bronze are our destiny.