SILBER Wood-Alu Windows:                      exclusive, individual, high quality

The SILBER wood/aluminium window has to sides: On the inside wood creates an enchanting atmosphere in your rooms, on the outside aluminium protects against any type of weather.  At SILBER, customers will find no limits with regards to designing wood/aluminium windows.  The aluminium profiles are available in three different styles - and then there are colours, colours, colours.  Allow our premium quality windows to inspire you to create an individual design for your property.


Profil Classic

The window manufacturer SILBER's profile Classic ensures longevity, weather resistance and premium quality for all products. Have a look at the detail of our wood/aluminium windows profile Classic and allow it to convince you.


Profil Modern

Windows are subject to trends too.  SILBER’s flush wood/aluminium window was specially designed for houses with clear shapes.  The slimline appearance is not in contradiction to the top-quality characteristics.


Silber Wooden/aluminium Classic

A classic appearance, a wealth of varieties and a ground-breaking heat insulation system mark this window out from the rest. On the outside, aluminium profiles in different directions protect the window from rain and snow. On the inside hand polished timber in different designs make for the perfect style to match your home. The triple glazing means that even in winter your home can be cosy and warm. Innovative construction provides you with a resistant window that keeps your heating bills down.

Wooden/aluminium Classic

SILBER wood/aluminium Classic, the low energy house window.  Cosy, heat insulating genuine wood is protected from weathering by a maintenance-free aluminium panel.  You can select the type of wood that goes with your furniture -all types of wood are available for delivery.


SILBER Design Wooden/aluminium Classic profiliert

Soft window frame construction.
Softline - rounded.

SILBER Design Classic     Wooden/aluminum

The fusion of wood and aluminium ensures longevity and top quality in heat insulation. 


SILBER Design Classic     Wooden/aluminum

The flush window allows a slimline appearance in harmony with the clear shapes of modern architecture.


Silber Wooden/aluminium Modern

Merging wood and aluminium guarantees durability and the highest levels of insulation. The flush mounted windows allow for a streamlined appearance and harmonise particularly well with the clear shapes of modern architecture. A wide range of materials allows the development of individually adapted design elements for buildings in a more contemporary style.

Wooden/aluminium window "modern"

A wide range of materials promotes the creation of an individually adjusted design element for buildings in a contemporary style.


Wooden/aluminium window "modern"

It's all about the look. The trend in windows is still towards the modern and linear.

Wooden/aluminium window door "modern"

Clear in design, sensual in material.