Manufactory –
Since more than
150 years.

SILBER windows and doors are handmade. For more than 150 years. From the very beginning, SILBER has combined the pursuit of innovation with honest craftsmanship and the highest possible quality. This is the only way we can keep our finger on the pulse and meet the changing demands of our customers. And this is the only way we can look back today on a story that began over 150 years ago in Mistelbach near Wels, Austria.

High tech meets manual work

When it comes to processing, SILBER relies on the symbiosis of the latest CNC technology and professional craftsmanship. The combination of these two components guarantees the highest precision and quality standards for each individual product and enables the unrestricted fulfillment of individual customer requests.

manufacture high-tech handmade
manufacture precision

Precise – for a love of detail

Lifespan, load-bearing capacity, aesthetics, workmanship: In all areas, the requirements of SILBER Fensterbau GmbH are many times higher than the norms. And even if our own quality standards are clearly defined, no product leaves the factory before it has been thoroughly checked again to ensure that it is perfect. Of course, that takes a lot of time. But every second is worth it – for your and our satisfaction. Such high demands on the products can only be met through continuous research and development in the field of materials and technology.

Innovative – always one step ahead

Our activity is a constant development. The constant further development of models and construction techniques, the daily improvement of details, the experimentation with finishes and selected materials, the expansion of customer satisfaction and the development of innovative and long-lasting solutions is our primary motivation. As early as 1967, SILBER produced one of the first wood-aluminum windows and was the first to introduce windows with two seals and a closed seal chamber. Numerous patents underline SILBER’s ability to innovate.

manufacture innovation
manufactory values

SILBER does not see itself as an industrial company or manufacturer of mass products.

As a manufacturer of designer windows and doors, it goes without saying for SILBER to respond to individual requests and to create a tailor-made product for its customers. In cooperation with specialist consultants, SILBER is happy to submit design proposals to its customers, which the customer can actively help to shape.