Wood-aluminum windows – profile modern

The SILBER wood-aluminum window has two faces: Inside wood enchants your rooms, outside aluminum offers protection against all weather conditions. When it comes to the design of wood-aluminum windows, SILBER sets no limits for its customers. The aluminum profiles are available in three styles – there are also colors, colors, colors. Let our premium quality windows inspire you to design your property individually.

Windows are also subject to a trend. The flush wood-aluminum window from SILBER was specially developed for houses with clear shapes. A slim appearance is not a contradiction to the highest quality properties.

SILBER wood-aluminum modern

Comfortable wood on the inside and easy-care aluminum on the outside.

Holz Alu Modern

Wood-aluminum window “modern”

An extensive selection of materials promotes the creation of an individually adapted design element for buildings with a contemporary style.

Wood-aluminum window “modern”

It’s all about the optics. The window trend is still going in the modern and straightforward direction.

Balcony door wood-aluminum “modern”

Clear in the design language, sensual in the material.