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  • Wood as a basis – only best materials

    Wood is one of mankind’s oldest work materials. And seeing as it has been for thousands of years, it must have some unbeatable advantages. This is why wood belongs to those building materials with the best ratio of heat insulation and storage.

  • Wet glazing

    The connection of glass and frame is standard wet glazing. This type of glazing is a homogeneously closed, where compared to a rubber seal, there can be no interruptions. The silicone is applied thickly and the excess is removed by hand by a professional. This ensures an optimal appearance, without cracks and cavities.

  • benefits-Tricoat EVO


    Further evidence that the uncompromising precision is the implementation of the Tricoat hardware which distinguish themselves through their high corrosion durability also when used in buildings near the coast. Furthermore, the unbeatable load bearing capacity of 160kg as well as the three dimensional adjustability. A gap ventilation of about 8mm at approx 45° of open olive handle secure a pleasant indoor atmosphere.