Bronze window for special requirements

Would you like very exclusive windows? A particularly sophisticated window is the right choice for particularly demanding customers: designer bronze windows from the SILBER window manufacturer. Here wood is the yin and bronze the yang: warm atmosphere for inside, strong resistance for outside. The circle closes in harmony when this window can develop its beauty over generations in exclusive buildings. Treat yourself to these special design windows for a special feeling of living.

SILBER bronze – a material for eternity

The salty winds, the daily exposure to sunlight and the high humidity near the coast are extreme conditions. This requires a special design. Above all, however, the noble style of this villa calls for the finest of all window construction materials. Bronze, the material of eternity.

Bronze Fenster

SILBER bronze antico

The weather-resistant outer part of the bronze window guarantees functionality for eternity. The graceful inside of this window enchants every room with a special atmosphere.

Bronze as a building material is one of the oldest materials known to man. SILBER combines bronze into windows and doors that convince with their elegance, robustness, homely ambience and easy maintenance of value – for customers who want to buy exceptionally long-lasting windows and doors. Pass your lifestyle on to the next generations – with elegant wooden bronze windows and wooden bronze doors from SILBER.