Certified passive house windows from SILBER

SILBER is the leading supplier of passive windows. Windows for passive houses could be described as the supreme discipline for window manufacturers. As a pioneer in the field of thermal insulation, SILBER wanted to be one of the first to be able to present a certified passive house window. SILBER Passive impresses with its delicate frame dimensions and harmonious appearance with optimal values. This makes this window an unbeatable energy saver, which is also extremely interesting for every other type of house. The certified SILBER passive house window impresses with its appealing design, first-class workmanship, individual design options and the revolutionary know-how of our employees. Save energy sustainably with this design passive window – not only in passive houses.

Passive house windows with impressive details

  • Triple thermal insulation glass
  • Ug 0.5 as standard
  • closed butt joint
  • Profile thickness 110
  • 3 high quality seals
  • Tricoat EVO-coated fittings, concealed or visible
  • various native woods
Passiv Fenster

Passive house window

Even with passive house windows from SILBER, the exclusive design and elegant look are convincing. Here too, SILBER offers two profile groups for different styles.