Silber air-lux

That is air-lux

air-lux is a floor- and ceiling-flush glass façade system with large sliding windows and a unique sealing concept.

The maintenance-free air-lux sliding window system with sliding sashes up to 18m2 is a development of Krapf AG, a leading Swiss metal and facade construction company and total provider of quality solutions. With air-lux, Krapf AG offers architects, façade planners and building owners a versatile window façade system that is architecturally, aesthetically and physically convincing.

Functionality and value

air-lux is designed and produced in-house and installed by our own teams. Since the first installation in 2004, more than 5.000 sliding panels have already been installed. Experience shows: air-lux convinces with the highest functionality and value, is the leader in terms of sliding sash size and achieves top test values for tightness and safety.

Tightness, safety and robustness

With the patented air-assisted sealing system, air-lux sliding windows offer the best seal in the industry. The processing of the robust, filigree aluminum frames meets the highest quality standards. air-lux can be specifically adapted to individual security requirements up to RC3.

Flexible opening modes

Sliding sashes and fixed glazing can be flexibly designed with different arrangements, elements and opening modes.

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