The alternative to buying a window

The design window manufacturer SILBER also offers holistic solutions in the field of window renovations that can be individually adapted to customer requirements. The renovation system from SILBER leaves the old window frame – damage to the wall is avoided. After removing the window sash and center transom, the new wooden windows are pushed onto the old frame from the inside. With the assembly of the outer aluminum part, a new SILBER window was created – comfortably solved thanks to innovative SILBER technology.


SILBER Renolux

Ventilated aluminum cladding which is punched and glued at the corners (also welded on request). Available in 2 profile designs and can be used for all special shapes. An additional sealing profile saves heating costs.



Make new out of old with the SILBER Fenatherm® system. The perfect aluminum cladding system is the quick, clean and problem-free solution for your weathered wooden windows, plastic windows and also for your winter garden.

The unique advantages of Fenatherm® cladding:

  • fast
  • clean
  • problem-free
  • directly on the site
  • any RAL color available
  • maintenance free
  • Save heating costs
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Whether renovation with Renolux or Fenatherm, the existing masonry remains untouched. This is how old windows become new again. Insulation values and service life increase enormously, although the individual style of the house is retained. Save energy and protect the climate with minimal intervention with the renovation system from the designer window manufacturer SILBER.


Your house gets a fresh, new look – it is also possible to install bars. The clad windows are absolutely maintenance-free and never have to be painted again.