SILBER wood-glass windows – the genius of the simple

Enameled glass window for large glass surfaces

A modern architectural style combines full-surface design window elements with the side walls of the property in clear shapes and lines. In the designer windows of the Avantgarde line, SILBER combines hardened, enameled glasses and ground glass edges with selected woods. The elegant appearance of the flush optics is retained even with the window sashes opening. With this sophisticated window design, trust the know-how and the proven quality of the designer window manufacturer SILBER.

SILBER design wood-glass

With SILBER Avantgarde, the flush appearance is not destroyed in spite of the elements that can be opened, which corresponds entirely to modern architecture, in which insulating glass becomes house walls. Since the frame is completely covered with glass, the window is optimally protected from the weather. High-quality glass and innovative edge seal systems also create an unimagined thermal insulation effect.

Design Holz Glas